Let the Love Begin

Welcome to YourOnly.One is out of its development phase is now officially launched.

In this new blog, I will be posting my thoughts on love, relationships, and dating. Views that you may find weird because we will attempt to explore these subjects from a logical perspective. Take for example this article entitled True Definition of Love.

I may, occasionally, provide tips not just in these areas but also in making that one-time event proposal. Or perhaps which places to have a romantic date and which food to bring. There will also be literature posted like poetry and stories, from fiction to true-to-life to true stories.

Then from there, we will see where this blog goes.

I will be honest, this was not in my plans, although my good friends have been convincing me to do this. Some even suggested that I write a book which I might in the future, who knows. Look at this blog, finally did it!

If you have questions and suggestions, feel free to contact me.

🎵Let the love begin…🎵

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