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[Video] How To Calibrate the Phone Compass

One of the first thing you should do after buying a mobile phone is to calibrate its compass. It is best practice to keep it accurate always.

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Since I got my first ever smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Y (S5360), (and Android too) I was having some problems with calibrating phone’s compass. The compass applications I found in the Android Market instructs users to do a figure-8 wave. I did all kinds of figure-8 wave and well, nothing.

Until I found this video showing the one figure-8 method I haven’t tried - wrist movement. It is as simple as that, all I can do is laugh at myself for doing all the silly figure-8 movements I can think of.

Watch the video:

Best Compass Calibration Method (iPhone/G1/etc.)

Using this method, you can calibrate electronic compass in a few seconds easily.

The work shown above is Copyrighted to ecompass3.

It works for all other phones with compass features like iPhone and Symbian based phones.

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