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The 2nd Generation of K-Pop Music started in 2002 and ended in 2011 which was led by solo acts like Byul, Gummy, and Se7en; and the revival of K-pop groups by TVXQ!, SS501, and Super Junior.

For an explanation on how we defined each generation, see: YourOnly.One’s K-pop Generations

  • This list is in no way complete.

  • Arranged in chronological order of debut (first performance and/or song/video release, whichever is earliest)



  • Hangul: 별
  • Debut: 2002-10-10
    • Song: 12월 32일 (December 32)

Star - December 32nd, 별 - 12월 32일

Music Camp 20021026

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop

  • Sample songs:
    • 내가 정말 사랑하는 사람이 있죠 (Dear My Love) 1 OST for When the Weather Is Fine
  • Did you know?
    • She married K-pop and variety show star, Haha.
  • Wikipedia: Byul



  • Hangul: 거미
  • Debut: 2003-02-03
    • Song: 기억상실 (Memory Loss)


上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に YG ENTERTAINMENT

  • Sample songs:
    • You Are My Everything 2 OST for Descendants of the Sun
    • 기억해줘요 내 모든 날과 그때를 (Remember Me) 3 OST for Hotel del Luna
  • Wikipedia: Gummy (singer)


  • Hangul: 세븐
  • Fandom name: Lucky 7
  • Debut: 2003-03-07
    • Song: 한번 단 한번 (Hanbeon Dan Hanbeon; Once, Just Once)

SE7EN - ONE MORE TIME(한번 단 한번) M/V

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に YG ENTERTAINMENT



  • Hangul: 동방신기 (DBSK; Dong Bang Shin Ki)
  • Kana: とうほうしんき (Tōhōshinki)
  • Hanzi: 東方神起 (Tong Vfang Xien Qi)
  • Fandom name: Cassiopeia; Big East (Japan)
  • Debut: 2004-01-14
    • Song: Hug

TVXQ! 동방신기 ‘Hug’ MV

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に SMTOWN

Sandara Park

  • Hangul: 박산다라
  • Also known as: Dara; Sandy; Sandy Park; Krung-krung
  • Fandom name:
  • Debut: 2004 (as a solo act in the Philippines)
    • Song: 《In Or Out》

Sandara Park - In or Out Official MV (Eng Sub)

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に WolfAnimeGurl115

  • Debut: 2009-03-27 (as a member of 2NE1)
  • Debut: 2009-07-09 (as a solo act in Korea)
    • Song: 《Kiss》


上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 2NE1

  • Did you know?
    • Sandara Park is dubbed as the “BoA of the Philippines” due to her immense popularity in the country; similar to how BoA is immensely popular in Japan.
    • She is considered as the standard for Korean beauty.
    • She is also known as the “Pambansang krung-krung” (“Nation’s Crazy Person”).
    • In 2004, she released her self-titled EP, with the first track 《In Or Out》, as her debut in singing.
      • Her EP is also the only album by a South Korean to be certified platinum by the Philippine Association of the Record Industry or PARI.
    • Her inspiration to become a celebrity was the K-pop boy band Seo Taiji and Boys who started the modern K-pop music in 1992.
    • In 2004, Sandara Parak joined ABS-CBN’s talent program, Star Circle Quest where she finished in second place.
      • She reportedly received half a million text/SMS votes nationwide during the final round.
    • In 2007, she and her family returned to Korea, and later in the year YG Entertainment signed her.
    • She trained under the K-pop idol industry for two years and in 2009 debut as a member of the girl group 2NE1.
      • In the same year, she also debut as a solo act in Korea.
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  • Hangul: 더블에스오공일
  • Kana: ダブルエス ごーまるいち
  • Fandom name: Triple S
  • Debut: 2005-06-22
    • Song: 경고 (Warning)

SS501 - Warning, 더블에스오공일 - 경고

Music Camp 20050709

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop


  • Hangul: 제시
  • Also known as: 호현주 (Jessica Ho)
  • Debut: 2005-12-01 as a solo act
    • Song: 겟 업 (Get Up)

Jessica H.o. - Get Up, 제시카 에이치오 - 겟 업

Music Core 20051203

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop

Super Junior

  • Hangul: 슈퍼주니어
  • Also known as: SJ; SuJu
  • Fandom name: E.L.F. (Everlasting Friends)
  • Debut: 2005-09-11 dancing to B2K (Boys of the New Millennium)’s Take It to the Floor
  • Debut: 2005-11-06 their own song
    • Song: Twins (Knock Out)

SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 ‘Twins (Knock Out)’ MV

SUPER JUNIOR’s 1st Album Super Junior 05 has been released.

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に SMTOWN

  • Did you know?
    • They were called the King of Hallyu Wave.
  • Wikipedia: Super Junior


Brown Eyed Girls

  • Hangul: 브라운 아이드 걸스
  • Kana: ブラウン・アイド・ガールズ
  • Also known as: B.E.G.; BG; 브아걸
  • Fandom name: Everlasting
  • Debut: 2006-03-02
    • Song: 다가와서 (Come Closer)


上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に Brown Eyed Girls


  • Hangul: 빅뱅
  • Fandom name: V.I.P.
  • Debut: 2006-12-21
    • Song: 눈물뿐인 바보 (A Fool’s Only Tears)


上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に BIGBANG

  • Did you know?
    • They were called the Kings of K-Pop.
  • Wikipedia: Big Bang (band)



  • Hangul: 카라
  • Kana: カラ
  • Fandom name: Kamilia
  • Debut: 2007-03-29
    • Song: Break It

[MV] KARA(카라) _ Break It

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 1theK (원더케이)

F.T. Island

  • Hangul: 에프티 아일랜드; FT아일랜드
  • Also known as: Five Treasure Island
  • Fandom name: Primadonna
  • Debut: 2007-06-07
    • Song: Love Sick

[MV] FTISLAND _ Love Sick(사랑앓이) (With Kim Na Young(김나영))

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 1theK (원더케이)

Girls’ Generation

  • Hangul: 소녀시대
  • Kana: しょうじょじだい
  • Also known as: SNSD (Sonyeo Sidae)
  • Fandom name: Sone
  • Debut: 2007-08-05
    • Song: 다시 만난 세계 (Into the New World)

Girls’ Generation 소녀시대 ‘다시 만난 세계 (Into The New World)’ MV

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に SMTOWN

  • Sample songs:
    • Gee 4
    • Genie 5
    • Oh! 6
    • Run Devil Run 7
  • Did you know?
    • They were called as The Nation’s Girl Group.
  • Wikipedia: Girls’ Generation


  • Hangul: 원더걸스
  • Fandom name: Wonderful
  • Debut: 2007-09-13
    • Song: Irony

Wonder Girls Irony M/V

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に wondergirls

  • Sample songs:
    • Nobody 8
    • Nobody (English) 9
  • Did you know?
    • Their internationally hit song, Nobody (2008; 2009), is still referred to by international fans as the song which made the word “K-pop” known all over.
  • Wikipedia: Wonder Girls


  • Hangul: 슈퍼노바
  • Kanji: 超新星
  • Hanzi: 超新星
  • Also known as: 초신성 (Choshinsung); 超新星 (Choshinsei)
  • Fandom name: Tinkerbell
  • Debut: 2007-10-13
    • Song: Hit

Choshinsung - Hit, 초신성 - 히트

Music Core 20071013

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop



  • Hangul: 다비치
  • Fandom name: Davichi Chord
  • Debut: 2008-02-04
    • Song: 미워도 사랑하니까 (I Love You Even Though I Hate You)

[MV] Davichi(다비치) _ Even though I hate you, I love you(미워도 사랑하니까)

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 1theK (원더케이)


  • Hangul: 투에이엠
  • Fandom name: I Am
  • Debut: 2008-07-11
    • Song: 이노래 (This Song)

2AM This Song(이노래) M/V

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 2am

  • Did you know?
    • They were originally a ten-member group called One Day together with 2PM.
  • Wikipedia: 2AM (band)


  • Hangul: 샤이니
  • Kana: シャイニー
  • Fandom name: Shawol
  • Debut: 2008-08-28
    • Song: Replay

SHINee 샤이니 ‘누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)’ MV

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に SMTOWN

  • Did you know?
    • They were called the Princes of K-pop.
  • Wikipedia: Shinee


  • Hangul: 태민
  • Debut: 2008-08-28 as a member of SHINee
  • Debut: 2014-08-15 as a solo act
    • Song: Danger

TAEMIN 태민 ‘괴도 (Danger)’ MV

TAEMIN’s first mini album ACE has been released.

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に SMTOWN

  • Debut: 2019-08 as a member of supergroup SuperM
  • Did you know?
    • He was dubbed the Idol’s Idol.
  • Wikipedia: Lee Tae-min


  • Hangul: 투피엠
  • Fandom name: Hottest
  • Debut: 2008-08-29
    • Song: 10점 만점에 10점 (10 Out of 10)

2PM 10 out of 10(10점 만점에 10점) M/V

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に JYP Entertainment

  • Sample songs:
    • Hands Up 14
  • Did you know?
    • They were originally a ten-member group called One Day together with 2AM.
  • Wikipedia: 2PM


  • Hangul: 유키스
  • Kana: ユーキス
  • Also known as: Ubiquitous Korean International Idol Super Star
  • Fandom name: Kiss Me
  • Debut: 2008-08-15 first public performance for another song
  • Debut: 2008-08-28 first public performance for own song
    • Song: 어리지 않아 (Not Young)

U-Kiss - Not young, 유키스 - 어리지 않아

Music Core 20080927

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop


  • Hangul: 아이유
  • Fandom name: UAENA
  • Debut: 2008-09-18
    • Song: 미아 (Lost Child)

IU - Missing Child, 아이유 - 미아

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop

  • Sample songs:
    • 좋은 날 (Good Day) 15
    • You & I 16
    • Beautiful Song 17
    • Blueming 18
    • BBIBBI 19
    • Celebrity 20
    • Strawberry Moon 21
  • Did you know?
    • She was dubbed Korea’s Little Sister.
    • She was also known as The Nation’s Sweetheart.
    • IU is one of few K-pop solo acts whose every track became highly popular locally and abroad.
  • Wikipedia: IU (singer)



  • Hangul: 지코
  • Debut: 2009 as a member of Harmonics
    • Song: The Letter
  • Debut: 2011-04-14 as a member of Block B
  • Debut: 2014 as a solo act
  • Wikipedia: Zico (rapper)


  • Hangul: 애프터스쿨
  • Fandom name: Play Girlz; Play Boyz
  • Debut: 2009-01-15
    • Song: 아! (AH!)

After School - AH!, 애프터스쿨 - 아!

Music Core 20090117

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop


  • Hangul: 투애니원
  • Fandom name: Blackjack; Blackjack Nolza (Japan)
  • Debut: 2009-03-27 first public appearance
    • Song: Lollipop



上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に YG ENTERTAINMENT

  • Debut: 2009-05-06 first performance with own song
    • Song: Fire

2NE1 - FIRE(Space Ver.) M/V

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に YG ENTERTAINMENT

2NE1 - FIRE (Street Ver.) M/V

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 2NE1

  • Sample songs:
    • I Don’t Care 22
    • Kiss [^2ne1-songs-kiss]
    • Lonely 23
  • Wikipedia: 2NE1


  • Hangul: 포미닛
  • Fandom name: 4NIA (4 Minute Mania)
  • Debut: 2009-06-15
    • Song: Hot Issue

[MV] 4minute _ Hot Issue

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 1theK (원더케이)


  • Hangul: 티아라
  • Fandom name: Queens; Sweet Treasure (Japan)
  • Debut: 2009-07-29
    • Song: 거짓말 (Lie)

T-ara - Lie, 티아라 - 거짓말

Music Core 20090815

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop

  • Sample songs:
    • Bo Peep Bo Peep 24
    • Roly-Poly 25
    • Lovey-Dovey 26
    • 티키타카 (Tiki Taka) 27
  • Wikipedia: T-ara

Eun Jung

  • Hangul: 은정
  • Kana: ウンジョン
  • Also known as: Elsie
  • Debut: 2009-07-29 as a member of T-ara
  • Debut: 2013 as a solo act
    • Song: Two As One

T-ara Eunjung Two As One

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に Melissa nuncio

  • Debut: 2015-05-07 as Elsie
    • Song: I’m Good

Elsie (EunJung) - I’m good (Feat. Hyomin) | 엘시 (은정) - 편해졌어

Music Bank HOT Stage / 2015.05.22

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に KBS WORLD TV

  • Sample songs:
    • DESIRE 28
    • Sweet Snow 29
    • あともう少し… (A little more …) 30
  • Did you know?
    • She won Little Miss Korea at age 7.
  • Wikipedia: Hahm Eun-jung


  • Hangul: 씨엔블루
  • Also known as: Code Name: Burning, Lovely, Untouchable, and Emotional
  • Fandom name: Boice (Blue Voice)
  • Debut: 2009 early first public performance
  • Debut: 2009-08-19
    • Song: Now or Never (English version)

CNBLUE (씨엔블루) - Now Or Never (English Version) [Lyrics Video]

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に Worldwide Butt


  • Hangul: 에프엑스
  • Fandom name: MeU
  • Debut: 2009-09-01
    • Song: 라차타 (LA chA TA)

f(x) 에프엑스 ‘라차타 (LA chA TA)’ MV

f(x)’s 1st digital single “LA chA TA” has been released.

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に SMTOWN

  • Sample songs:
    • Electric Shock 31
  • Did you know?
    • They were the first K-Pop act to perform at SXSW.
  • Wikipedia: f(x) (musical group)


  • Hangul: 엠블랙
  • Kana: エムブラック
  • Also known as: Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality
  • Fandom name: A+
  • Debut: 2009-10-14
    • Song: Oh Yeah

MBLAQ - Oh Yeah, 엠블랙 - 오 예

Music Core 20091024

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop


  • Hangul: 레인보우
  • Fandom name: Rain-nous
  • Debut: 2009-11-12
    • Song: 가십 걸 (Gossip Girl)

Rainbow - Gossip Girl, 레인보우 - 가십 걸

Music Core 20091114

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop



  • Hangul: 제국의 아이들
  • Also known as: Children of Empire
  • Fandom name: ZE:A STYLE
  • Debut: 2010-01-07
    • Song: Mazeltov

ZE:A[제국의아이들] Mazeltov MV

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に ZEA2011


  • Hangul: 씨스타
  • Fandom name: Star1
  • Debut: 2010-06-03
    • Song: Push Push

Sistar - Push Push, 씨스타 - 푸쉬 푸쉬

Music Core 20100626

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop


  • Hangul: 효린
  • Also known as: 김효정 (Kim Hyo-jung)
  • Fandom name: BAE
  • Debut: 2010-06-03 as a member of SISTAR
  • Debut: 2013 August as first solo act
    • Song: 미치게 만들어 (Crazy of You) OST for Master’s Sun

[MV] Hyolin(효린) (Sistar) _ Crazy of you(미치게 만들어) (Master`s sun(주군의 태양) OST Part.3)

The SBS drama special Master’s Sun that has been earning a lot of popularity let out its 3rd OST. As much as it is a famous drama, the third member to sing the OST is Hyolin from SISTAR.

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 1theK (원더케이)

  • Debut: 2013-11-26 first solo album
    • Song: Lonely

[Solo Debut] HYOLYN - Lonely, 효린 - 론니

Show Music core 20131130

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop

  • Sample songs:
    • Always 32 OST for Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo
    • I Miss You 33 OST for Uncontrollably Fond
    • Good bye 34 OST for My Love From the Star
    • Let It Go 35 OST for Frozen (Hangugeo)
  • Wikipedia: Hyolyn


  • Hangul: 인피니트
  • Fandom name: Inspirit
  • Debut: 2010-06-09
    • Song: Come Back Again

Infinite Come Back Again MV

Infinite First invasion title track Come Back Again MV Full Ver.

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に woolliment

miss A

  • Hangul: 미쓰에이
  • Fandom name: Say A
  • Debut: 2010 sometime before or around March, as Chinese Wonder Girls
  • Debut: 2010 March, as a 3-member group miss A
    • Song: Love Again (original in Chinese)

miss A Love Again from Samsung Anycall Campaign M/V (Chinese Ver.)

miss A(미쓰에이) Love Again from Samsung Anycall Campaign M/V (Chinese Ver.)

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に missA

miss A Love Again from Samsung Anycall Campaign M/V (Korean Ver.)

miss A(미쓰에이) Love Again from Samsung Anycall Campaign M/V (Korean Ver.)

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に missA

  • Debut: 2010-07-01, as a 4-member group miss A
    • Song: Bad Girl Good Girl

miss A Bad Girl, Good Girl M/V

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に missA

  • Sample songs:
    • Love Again 36
    • 다른 남자 말고 너 (Only You) 37
  • Did you know?
    • Bad Girl, Good Girl was the first debut song to reach number one in the Gaon Digital Chart.
    • They were the fastest girl group to take the number one spot in a music show (KBS Music Bank).
    • Bad Girl, Good Girl was the number 1 song in Inkigayo for four straight weeks, breaking the record set by Girls’ Generation.
    • Originally marketed as the “Chinese Wonder Girls”.
  • Wikipedia: Miss A


  • Hangul: 수지
  • Also known as: 배수지 (Bae Su Ji)
  • Fandom name: Sueweeties; Suzyholic
  • Debut: 2010 March as a member of miss A
  • Debut: 2017-01-16 as a solo act
    • Song: 행복한 척 (Pretend)

SUZY - Pretend LIVE [세로라이브]

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 딩고 뮤직 / dingo music

Girl’s Day

  • Hangul: 걸스데이
  • Fandom name: Dai5y
  • Debut: 2010-07-07
    • Song: 갸우뚱 (Tilt My Head)

【TVPP】Girl’s Day -Tilt My Head, 걸스데이 - 갸우뚱 @ Debut Stage

Music Core Live

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に TV-People

  • Sample songs:
    • 나를 잊지마요 (Don’t Forget Me) 45
    • 기대해 (Expectation) 46
    • 썸씽 (Something) 47
  • Wikipedia: Girl’s Day


  • Hangul: 지나
  • Fandom name: G.NI
  • Debut: 2010-07-05
    • Song: 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일 (Things I Want to Do When I Have a Lover)

G.NA (지나) & Rain (비) - 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に ayhkim91

BéBé Mignon

  • Hangul: 베베 미뇽
  • Debut: 2010-09-06
    • Song: 키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만… (Even Though I’m small and not Pretty…)

[MV] BeBe Mignon _ Even Though I’m small and not Pretty..(키도 작고, 예쁘지 않지만..)

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 1theK (원더케이)


  • Hangul: 벤
  • Also known as: 이은영 (Lee Eun Young)
  • Debut: 2010 as a member of BéBé Mignon
  • Debut: 2012-10-10 as solo act
    • Song: 오늘은 가지마 (Don’t Go Today)

Ben - Don’t go today, 벤 - 오늘은 가지마

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop

  • Sample songs:
    • Starlight Heart 48 OST for The Red Sleeve
    • Whenever Wherever Whatever 49 OST for Alice
    • Like A Dream 50 OST for Another Miss Oh
    • STAY 51 OST for Oh My Ghostess
  • Wikipedia: Ben (South Korean singer)



  • Hangul: 리더스
  • Fandom name:
  • Debut: 2011-03-22
    • Song: Please (제발)

[Eng sub]Leader’s(리더스) - Please(제발)

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に NelietsSUBS


  • Hangul: 키미
  • Also known as: Kim Minji (김민지); Habin (하빈)
  • Fandom name:
  • Debut: 2011-03-22 (as a member of Leader’S)
  • Debut: 2014-03-06 (as a member of Scarlet)
  • Debut: 2016-10-20 (as a member of BULLDOK)
  • Debut: 2017-08-25 (as a solo act)
    • Song: I Am

Kimi(키미)- I AM(가사) [Han|Rom|Eng Lyrics]

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に wltjd00

  • Debut: 2021-04-09 (as a member of We Girls)

  • Sample songs:

    • Mammy Mammy (맘이맘이) 52
  • Did you know?

    • Kimi’s song “Mammy Mammy” was remixed by the P-pop girl group Clover entitled “Kakumakabog-kabog Ang Puso” (Pounding Heart).

Block B

  • Hangul: 블락비
  • Fandom name: BBC (Block B Club); Honeybees
  • Debut: 2011-04-13
    • Song: Freeze!

Block B(블락비) _ Freeze!(그대로 멈춰라!)

Block B has a clear identity of being a top idol group created by the best hip-hop musician. Two years have been put into their production by those including Korea’s representative hip-hop musician Jo PD, the producer Rhymer with countless hit songs for all his artists in different genres, and the veteran in the management sector chairman Lee Seung-Young who was behind the scenes in making top stars of the Korean Wave celebrities Soh Ji-Seop and Song Seung-Hun and singers Kim Won-Jun and In Soon-Ee.

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に 1theK (원더케이)


  • Hangul: 에이핑크
  • Kana: エーピンク
  • Fandom name: Pink Panda
  • Debut: 2011-04-19
    • Song: 몰라요 (Mollayo; I Don’t Know)

A Pink - I don’t know, 에이핑크 - 몰라요

Music Core 20110521

上記の作品は著作権で保護されています に MBCkpop

  • Sample songs:
    • NoNoNo 53
    • 미스터 츄 (Mr. Chu) 54
  • Wikipedia: Apink

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ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki ・ 雪亮)これが忘却の終わりではないなら、私は自分の人生がまさにこの日に終わるかのように毎日生きるでしょう。

YOOki(柳紀 ・ 유기)クロニクル

YOOki(柳紀 ・ 유기)クロニクル は、ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki ・ 雪亮) がカジュアルで個人的なブログに戻ったことです。 「YOOki」という名前は、YourOnly.One の頭字語と私のニックネーム ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki ・ 雪亮) のマッシュアップです。

興味深いことに、中国の伝説によると、「柳」(YOO)は古代中国の名前です。この名前の祖先は、舜という古代の賢者の王と密接に関連していました。韓国では、「유」(YOO)の血統の痕跡があります。 Xia、Han、Joseon王朝に。YuまたはYooという名前の所有者は慈善と勤勉さで評判がありました。1

それはまた、「柳」または「柳の木」の言葉でもあり、優雅または細いことを意味します。 そして、水域の近くに生えている木は、すべての人に継続的な栄養と資源を提供します。 それはまた、存在すること、油(油注ぎ(?))、そして単に「U」(あなた)として存在することを意味することもあります。

漢字「紀」(ki)は、記録し、訓練し、秩序を与えることを意味します。 ハングルに相当する「기」(気;技)は、エネルギー、精神、旗、そして期間を意味します。 また、動名詞または不定詞を作成するために使用される接尾辞でもあります。