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Send a gift!

Did you like my work and want to send a gift as a token of appreciation? Here are the different ways to buy me a coffee.


  • Amazon: Wishlist

    I love to read. A review is guaranteed for the book you will send as a gift.

  • Steam: Wishlist
  • GOG: Wishlist



You can use one of my affiliate codes below.

Tip jars

Tip jarCryptocurrency

— Did you know? An XLM address can receive any type of asset (USD, EURO, CNY, PHP, XBT/BTC, ETH, gold, stocks, and other tokens of value). See Stellar docs: Assets.

(in preference order)

  • XLM (Stellar): yukino*
    • tag/memo: gift for
  • USDC (Stellar): yukino*
    • tag/memo: gift for
  • XRP (XRPL): rU2mEJSLqBRkYLVTv55rFTgQajkLTnT6mA
    • tag/memo: 246013
  • ETH (ERC-20): 0x739d2aae2a5b7a4e1d64c58d121c9d908d706c83
  • USDC (ERC-20): 0x739d2aae2a5b7a4e1d64c58d121c9d908d706c83
  • XBT (Bitcoin): 32w1De4wvr5jEzC4g5P4rkjvqg2bvMR8Vk
  • BCH (BCHN): pp8fkmchlu6a7c53a2s682jd70mncrzemsthca6ftl

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