This is the list of webblogs, websites, and services I recommend for additional reading and/or found very useful.

Most blogs, websites, and services which are already popular and/or ranking in search engines are not included. For this linklist, I want to give more attention to those that I, at least, do not see in search engine results or not mentioned in social media and social networks. Read Linklists Are Back for more information.

In alphabetical order


chat and messaging

The following have end-to-end encrypted chat by default, while Matrix is e2ee by default only for private conversations, chatroom owners can turn-on e2ee manually.

  • Keybasehighly recommended; with online identity verification, cloud and git hosting, Stellar XLM wallet support, and more
  • Matrix — chatrooms can bridge to various other platforms like IRC and Discord
  • Session — send messages, not metadata
  • Signal — offers e2ee video calls; unfortunately, a phone number is required to use
  • Threema — also offers e2ee video calls


development and programming

faith and religion

free culture

privacy and security

  • Cryptomator — free cloud encryption; encrypt your data before uploading to the cloud
  • HTTP Forever — a better way to login to public WiFi hotspots or captive portals
  • Keybasehighly recommended; with e2ee chat, online identity verification, cloud and git hosting, Stellar XLM wallet support, and more
  • Keyoxidehighly recommended; online identity verification through OpenPGP / GPG keys
  • Privacy International
  • PrivacyTools
  • RestorePrivacy
  • Ruin My Search History — generated random search queries which will ruin your Google search history, preventing the search engine from building an accurate profile on your activities





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