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A reminder from the President?

President Duterte made comments about the G-d of the Bible which earned the ire of the people. I think he revealed something else.

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My country, the Philippines, has been in a state of “religiously offended” for a week now due to the religious and G-d comments made by our elected President Rodrigo Duterte. The usual pro-Duterte and anti-Duterte sides blurred after Philippine President Duterte said that the G-d of Genesis was a stupid G-d. He also said, Your G-d is not my G-d.

This obviously angered many Filipinos as we are a nation deeply rooted in religious beliefs. Was PD30 correct? Did he mean it literally? Is there anything beyond his words, a deeper meaning?

Before we begin in this sensitive topic, let me say a few things:

  • I am **not** pro *nor* anti President Duterte, and I am definitely not defending nor attacking the President.
  • I have used sensitive examples to drive a point, **finish reading** and **never** *read selectively*.
  • I will delete and/or ignore comments that were obviously made without understanding this commentary *in its entirety, as a whole, in one piece*. This include troll, uncivilised, and useless comments.
  • You might get offended but you agree that you will **finish** reading and you will **understand** what I am trying to point out.
  • In this post, we are going to analyse why people are reacting against or for the President's G-d comments before I reveal what we all missed.

With that out of the way, let’s begin with the first elephant in the room.

# Do we worship the same G-d?

Short answer, no.

Your G-d is not my G-d…

Duterte says ‘your God is not my God’ but sets talks

What PD30 said is true. We do not worship the same G-d. We may be using the same Bible but it does not necessarily mean we are worshipping the same G-d. My G-d is different from your G-d and his G-d and her G-d.

If in your church it is allowed to practice witchcraft, then your G-d is not my Aluahim. My Aluahim will never allow witchcraft to be taught and practiced inside His congregations. Yes, the G-d of the Bible does love everyone, there is no argument there, be they straight, LGBT, Neurotypical, Neuroatypical, “normal”, special, short, tall, wide, thin, white, black, brown. But it does not mean that my Aluahim will allow sin. So, do you agree that my Aluahim is not the same as the G-d you worship?

There are also Bible-believing groups where their G-d is a she. Yes, we believe and use the same Bible but once again, it does not mean that we are worshipping the same G-d. Their female G-d is not my Aluah because my Aluah declared Himself to be a man, male, not a she, not a woman, not a lady, and definitely not an it. It is not about women, it is about who your G-d and mine is.

# You are an intolerant #)%)#$ Bible thumper

At this point, some of you are probably itching to type and shout “intolerant fool” and “Bible thumper”. Ahh, but you see, there is absolutely nothing “intolerant” or “Bible thumper” with what I said above. Let me tell you what “intolerance” and “Bible thumper” are: meeting someone who has a different set of beliefs and judging them, dismissing them, degrading them, ex-communicating them, forcing your own beliefs down their throats, etc.

The people who have met me and knew we have different beliefs can attest that I am not an intolerant fool nor a Bible thumper. I have friends and colleagues who are from different walks of life and varying beliefs. We get along well. Yes, we talk about our differences but we know how to respect each other.

This is one reason why people are reacting angrily because they can not accept the hard truth that Your G-d is not my G-d. We may be using the same Bible (Genesis to Revelation) but it does not and will never mean that we are worshipping the same G-d.

# Did the President referred to the G-d of the Bible?

Short answer: yes.

The President, by describing the events in the Book of Genesis, has clearly nailed the G-d of the Bible.

Who is this stupid G-d? Estupido talaga itong p***** i** kung ganun. You created some—something perfect and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of your work.

‘Who is this stupid God?’ Duterte shoots down creation story in Bible

You created a perfect paradise. You created perfect human beings, two of them. You gave them all. But why did you have to call the snake to bring an apple to Eve and to tempt them both? Why did you have to do that? Now, tell me if it is a perfect G-d. I will kneel down, kneel down and stretch my hand and ask for forgiveness. Tell me if it is a very poignant story of the history of mankind or it is really a stupid one.

‘Who is this stupid God?’ Duterte shoots down creation story in Bible

Some people were saying that PD30 was not referring to the G-d of the Bible but to the G-d of the Roman Catholic Church (“RCC”) especially since the President further said things about the crucifixion, his RCC upbringing, and experiences within the RCC faith. True, because his attack was against the RCC but like it or not, he also mocked the G-d of the Bible by using the Genesis Creation event, unless there is another Genesis Creation event he was referring to, and as someone who studied in a Catholic school ran by the RCC, I never once heard they have a different Genesis Creation than the one that is in the Bible.

This is the reason why there are non-RCC individuals and groups who were offended, as it was crystal clear which G-d the President was calling a “stupid G-d”. By trying to attack or expose the RCC, PD30 inadvertedly mocked the G-d of the Bible. Or maybe that was his intention all along because there is something else behind his words.

# The President revealed something we all missed

Believe it or not, the President revealed something to us and we all missed it. I only realised this yesterday morning and that was when I decided to write this commentary.

In Biblical eschatology (the study of end-time prophecies), the Antichrist was described to be someone who will mock the G-d of the Bible. The Antichrist will continously hint about his own mysterious supreme being. Sound familiar? Didn’t PD30 do that? Was he not hinting (sometimes) at a supreme being in a way to imply that this supreme being is different from the G-d of the Bible?

Was not the President’s recent religious comments demonstrated exactly what the Antichrist will do? Mock the G-d of the Bible while slowly introducing his supreme being only himself knows and who is not “stupid”?

Is the President the Antichrist? I have no idea. Personally? No, I don’t think he is (for different reasons, not because of the “Pre-Tribulation Rapture” doctrine). If the President is not the Antichrist, then consider these two: (a) the President could be revealing something he learned as the President; (b) he is being used by the G-d of the Bible Himself!

# A. Was the President trying to send a message?

Most of us, religious or atheist alike, are aware that there are powers-that-be up in the hierarchy and in the shadows. Various labels were attributed to these people: the elite, the 1%, the Illuminati, the shadow government/agency, the banks, you name it. Most of us agree there are people with evil agendas pushing for a New World Order and One World Government for their own benefit, with the rest of us branded as “useless eaters” that must be eliminated for human civilisation to survive.

Rodrigo Duterte, as the elected President of the Republic of the Philippines, is of course more aware of these things than any of us. The President gets access to information no one else in the country can ever tap. I personally believe that the President himself also have his own network or networks.

Could it be then that PD30 learned something grave but he can not reveal it directly? That he realised he can better protect this country, that we all love dearly, by staying alive? That he could become a corpse with no evidence of foul play? His best option is to reveal things in a way that he also puts himself in the hotseat to make it appear he was being “careless”?

# B. The President is being used by the G-d of the Bible Himself

But what if President Rodrigo Duterte is being used by the G-d of the Bible Himself? The G-d of the Bible is sending us a message because the Antichrist is about to reveal himself and only those who are paying attention, who are awake, who are sober, will be able to identify him.

Through PD30, we had a demonstration of how the Antichrist will fool the world. By mocking and discrediting the G-d of the Bible while subtlely introducing about a supreme being who is not “stupid”. What do I mean by “stupid”? Am I mocking the President?

Not at all! But many of us have asked these questions: “Why did G-d allow poverty?”, “Why did G-d allow wars?”, “Why did G-d allowed these poor children in Africa to be malnourished and starving to death?”, “What kind of G-d will allow all these things when He claims to be Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent?”, in short, “Why is this G-d ‘stupid’?”

Let’s be all honest here, we asked these questions ourselves. This is how society shaped our thinking. This is how the G-d of the Bible is painted by the world. This is exactly how the Antichrist will attack the G-d of the Bible! He will point out, bluntly, how “stupid” the G-d of the Bible is! Once we are conditioned, he will introduce his supreme being that only him knows!

Is PD30 being used by the G-d of the Bible to tell us, “hey, the Antichrist is about to reveal himself, this is how he will do it, listen!” Just like how Judas Iscariot was instrumental in bringing salvation, I believe that PD30 is also instrumental in this end-time to wake us up.

Why waste time with the words the President has said when there is something deeper in it? Why waste our energies in getting angry and influencing others to be angry too, when the G-d of the Bible that we all claim we worship, is telling us something through President Duterte? It does not matter if you are anti or pro, PD30 has demonstrated something to us and we are blindsided by our emotional reactions! Exactly what hasatan wants! To get us distracted and divided!

So, why are we offended by the President’s words when he said so himself, your G-d is not my G-d. Why get offended if He mocked the G-d of the Bible? Is not that between him and Him?

My countrymen and my brethren. The G-d of the Bible loves us all, including the President. The G-d of the Bible was the one who allowed Rodrigo Duterte to be the President of the Republic of the Philippines. He is speaking directly to each and everyone of us, regardless if your G-d is Him or not, because He loves you so much!

President Rodrigo Duterte, intentionally or not, conciously or not, has revealed how the coming Antichrist will fool the world and how he (the Antichrist) will introduce his supreme being. It is all right there in front of our faces and we missed it. Be sober! Be a watcher!

Thank you for reading.

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