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Happy true new year!

March 25, 2020 is the True New Year! Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Today is the true New Year as per the Scriptural Zadok Calendar (March 25th of the year 2020) as well as the Scriptural Luni-Solar Calendar (Day 1 of the 1st Month, also known as New Moon Day).

A true New Year, as the name suggests, is the first day of new beginnings, of a new day, of a new dawn, of restoration. The true New Year can only happen during Spring when winter ends and nature starts to bloom once again. Today is that day when our ancestors came out of their homes to welcome the heat of the sun, greet their family and friends, and enjoy life.

This is also the day when we begin to count down to the Feast of Passover or Pesach which is on the 14th day of the new month (thirteen days from now). In these trying times, Passover is going to be very meaningful for many people. If you already know the true meaning, the deepness about Passover, begin to meditate on it. But if this is something new for you, my dear reader, watch out as I will be sharing what this year’s Passover means in what the world is facing today.

For now, let’s greet each other a “Happy New Year” and let it be a sign of hope. Of a new dawn. Of a new hope. New beginnings. When winter ends and healing begins.

If you would like to know more about the true New Year, read: When is the True New Year and Day.

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