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[Video] Earth with rings

Imagine Earth with rings as beautiful as Saturn's. Do you think it will be cool? Or would it be scary? Is it a beautiful sight or an annoyance?

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❄️ Yohan Yuki Xie
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You know the Planet Saturn right? That gas giant in the outer section of our solar system with beautiful rings? Yes, the planet after Jupiter and before Uranus? Good, now you remember. Have you ever wondered what it will be like to live on a planet with rings as beautiful as Saturn’s? Have you ever pictured in your mind how the rings will look like from the perspective of someone standing on that planet?

I did and I still do to this day.

But how about putting those Saturn rings right here on our own Planet Earth? What would the sky be like in our own very familiar world with huge rings above us? How about during the night? Will it be awesome or scary? Earth with rings, hmm…

Imagine waking up every day, when you go out of your home to go to school or your office, there will always be a huge ring above you. Then at night, our only satellite the Moon won’t be lonely anymore, Earth’s rings will guide us through the night, ever shining, keeping monsters away.

Watch this video showing us exactly that - huge and beautiful rings like Saturn’s encircling Planet Earth.

And as danthemango said: … the only thing this is missing are the shots from the Earth, under the ring’s shadows, or the shots at the rings in Earth’s shadow.

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