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Longest Total Solar Eclipse Report

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The July 22, 2009 Total Solar Eclipse was an experience to treasure - yes, even though from where I am it was only partial, about 49.5% here in Megapolitan Manila.

This is technically the first Solar Eclipse I was able to observe, the previous solar eclipses that occured here in the Philippines were, sadly, covered by clouds (and even raining). One of it was the Total Solar Eclipse that was visible in Cebu (Manila got up to 96% at that time if I remember correctly).

Here are my select photos of today’s record-breaking eclipse - longest Total Solar Eclipse at its maximum - 6 minutes and 39 seconds. Oh, you’re in for a treat, 5 video coverage of the Total Solar Eclipse in India, China, and Japan, you’ll even see the firey fires of the sun ;)

  • Camera: Canon PowerShot A460 (5 Megapixels)

  • Setting: Manual; ISO400; Custom White Balance (directed at the sky); Vivid; 640x480

  • Tripod: None

  • Filter: 4 layers of used X-Ray film

  • Vantage Point: Makati City, Philippines

  • Latitude: N 14° 37' 12.00"

  • Longitude: E 120° 58' 12.00"

Coverage of my Friends

Video Coverage from India and China

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