Styling diacritics
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❄️ ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki)
Bold, add colours, and change font, of the diacritics!

@font-face browser support test page
 ·   ·  ☕ 1 min read  · 
❄️ ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki)
Does your browser support CSS2 @font-face rule? You can test it here!

How-To implement cross-browser @font-face support
 ·  ☕ 5 min read  · 
❄️ ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki)
Do you want to make your site's font to show up the same across browsers and platforms? Use @font-face! Let me show you how.