Styling diacritics
 ·  ☕ 2 min read  · 
❄️ Yohan Yuki Xie
Bold, add colours, and change font, of the diacritics!

How-To create a Keybase account
 ·  ☕ 6 min read  · 
❄️ Yohan Yuki Xie
Creating a Keybase account is simple but there is one step most users are skipping …

[Video] How-To calibrate the phone compass
 ·  ☕ 1 min read  · 
❄️ Yohan Yuki Xie
One of the first thing you should do after buying a mobile phone is to calibrate its compass. It is best practice to keep it accurate always.

How-To implement cross-browser @font-face support
 ·  ☕ 5 min read  · 
❄️ Yohan Yuki Xie
Do you want to make your site's font to show up the same across browsers and platforms? Use @font-face! Let me show you how.

How-To access Google sites and services via IPv6
 ·   ·  ☕ 5 min read  · 
❄️ Yohan Yuki Xie
IPv6 is here but how do we access Google services via IPv6 anyway? In this short tutorial, I am going to show you in simple steps how to do just that.

[How-To] IPv6 is not scary! Connect to next-gen Internet today!
 ·   ·  ☕ 4 min read  · 
❄️ Yohan Yuki Xie
IPv6 or Internet Protocol version 6 is the answer to our IPv4 problem. What problem? By 2011 or 2012 (according to estimates), there will be no more IPv4…