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Autistics on «Extraordinary Attorney Woo»

An interview with autistics about the Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우).

Yohan Yuki Xie

6-Minute Read

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우) was a Korean TV drama with an autistic person as the lead character and central to the story. It depicted the challenges and prejudices faced by an autistic in Korea, in particular a lawyer.

«Innocent Witness» review

A story of an autistic girl who witnessed a crime and fights to be a witness despite people dismissing her credibility.

Yohan Yuki Xie

3-Minute Read

It is rare to see a movie or a TV series with a proper portrayal of autism. More often than not an autistic character exist in a story because an autistic trait or quirk is used as a plot device, the autistic character was simply a tool to advance a story. Innocent Witness (증인) is different. It introduces the audience to the world of autistics and exposes the discrimination and prejudices of society, most especially from adults who considers themselves normal and supposedly know better.

What is autism acceptance?

Have people truly accepted autistics or only tolerating us?

Yohan Yuki Xie

4-Minute Read

There is an on-going show entitled Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우) which tackles the challenges, discrimination, prejudices, and stigma autistics face on a daily basis. However, it is not possible for them to touch on every single topic, it is not a documentary after all.

A Brilliant Young Mind review

A story about an autistic mathematics genius on discovering more about himself and the wider world on his own.

Yohan Yuki Xie

2-Minute Read

Autism spectrum films that truly connect and show our thought process and world are rare. The movie X+Y or A Brilliant Young Mind was one of it, a British film which first premiered in the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It was inspired by the story of Daniel, a boy in the autism spectrum and a math genius.


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