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Autistics On «Extraordinary Attorney Woo»

An interview with autistics about the Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우).

ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (雪亮 | 스노 | Yuki)

6-Minute Read

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (이상한 변호사 우영우) was a Korean TV drama with an autistic person as the lead character and central to the story. It depicted the challenges and prejudices faced by an autistic in Korea, in particular a lawyer.

«Alienoid» Part 1 review

A time travel adventure about a divine knife and criminal aliens imprisoned inside humans.

ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (雪亮 | 스노 | Yuki)

3-Minute Read

Korean screenwriters have a fascination with time travel for the past five years or so. Korean time travel stories are commonly taken seriously by fans as hard science where time travel mechanics should be explained. Alienoid (외계+인) is a time travel adventure that is easy to follow and is a mix of science fiction and fantasy.

Whale Couple Filipino Memes

Fun and witty Filipino memes about the Whale Couple from Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (雪亮 | 스노 | Yuki)

2-Minute Read

The Filipino people are known for finding laughter out of painful stories and experiences. Filipinos do not tone down or dismiss a painful or sad story but it is in their culture to uplift each other and to smile despite what one is going through. What happens when this culture encounters a painful and sad Korean drama story?


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