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Reaction: Duty After School alternate endings

A reaction on the alternate endings of Duty After School

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Duty After School recently concluded and it received a lot of negative feedback due to the way the live-action adaptation ended the series. But, are you aware that there are potential alternate endings to Duty After School?

DikshaG went through five different alternate endings.

  1. The Webtoon ending

    I haven’t read the webtoon, in the original ending, most of the main characters survived instead of the brutal and senseless ending the live-adaptation presented.

  2. It’s all a dream

    This is an ending which was hinted by the adaptation, an one that truly hate in any live-action fiction. I mean, why waste the audience’s time when it was all nothing but a dream? This route only works in novels.

  3. Gook Yeong Soo’s suicide

  4. The War Continues

  5. Killed by the Spheres

The other three potential endings? I invite you over to read Duty After School: Exploring Alternate Endings for the Heart-Wrenching K-Drama by DikshaG. You would probably pick one of those three other potential endings.

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