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Whale couple Filipino memes

Fun and witty Filipino memes about the Whale Couple from Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

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The Filipino people are known for finding laughter out of painful stories and experiences. Filipinos do not tone down or dismiss a painful or sad story but it is in their culture to uplift each other and to smile despite what one is going through. What happens when this culture encounters a painful and sad Korean drama story?

What is in the name, Le Sserafim?

The secret in the name Le Sserafim.

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The latest announcement from HYBE and Source Music is the official name of their latest K-pop idol girl group: Le Sserafim (르세라핌). K-pop idol fans, and K-pop fans in general, is divided over the name. Some claim it is not pronouncable while others say it means nothing.

Most coherent list of K-pop generations

An objective approach to Korean Popular Music Generations for bands, groups, and solo acts.

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There are many proposals on how to divide K-pop into different generations, unfortunately most are subjective. While there is nothing wrong with a subjective approach, we need to have something we can all, or most, can agree on—at least as a common basis or starting point. Allow me to present YourOnly.One’s objective approach to K-pop Generations, the only one you will ever need.

4th generation modern K-pop (2022–2031)

A list of Fourth Generation Korean Popular music acts with debut dates, fandom names, song samples, videos, and more!

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The 4th Generation of K-Pop Music started in 2022 and will end on 2031. Already an exciting generation as it was opened by supergroup Girls On Top through its subgroup GOT the beat which was quickly followed by newcomer girl group Kep1er, a generation which will definitely become a Girls’ Generation and everyday a Girl’s Day.


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