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What is in the name, Le Sserafim?

The secret in the name Le Sserafim.

Yohan Yuki Xie

2-Minute Read

The latest announcement from HYBE and Source Music is the official name of their latest K-pop idol girl group: Le Sserafim (르세라핌). K-pop idol fans, and K-pop fans in general, is divided over the name. Some claim it is not pronouncable while others say it means nothing.

What is the difference between P-pop and OPM?

Did you know that P-pop and OPM are not the same?

Yohan Yuki Xie

4-Minute Read

For more than ten years now, the label P-pop has become a terminology used to refer to a new genre of music. Often than not, it is used to mean the rising Philippine idol groups and also compared to OPM or Original Pilipino Music.


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