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Harry Potter「Mudblood」 Fanfilm review

Curious how the American magical community fits in the original Harry Potter storyline?

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7-Minute Read

The canon and original Harry Potter novel series centered on Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Fans have always wondered since the original run of the books how other magical communities fit in the timeline. In Mudblood we get to see an adventure distant yet so near to the events after the Order of the Phoenix and how it could have had changed the course of history.

Updated Bike Lane Maps and Where to Find Them

Community-driven and frequently updated Bicycle Maps for the Philippines

ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki | 雪亮)

1-Minute Read

Are you from or is planning to visit the Philippines? The Philippines Department of Transportation (DOTr) recently asked Google to include bike lanes in Google Maps, which was a very good move as the country is learning to live with biking as a mode of transportation instead of only as a form of exercise and sports. But why wait when there are already existing and updated maps for bike lanes in the Philippines?

What K-Pop Idols Go Through According to 「Imitation」

The road to becoming a K-Pop idol is not as easy as most assume.

ᜌᜓᜃᜒ (Yuki | 雪亮)

6-Minute Read

Imitation」 is a 12-episode drama about K-Pop idols. It depicts the various challenges and experiences idols go through from training to finally being chosen to debut, a world that fans rarely see. It stars 「Jeong Ji So」 as 「Lee Ma Ha」, 「Lee Jun Young」 as 「Kwon Ryok」, 「Park Ji Yeon」 as 「La Li Ma」, 「Jeong Yun Ho」 as 「Lee Yoo Jin」, together with 「Chani」 as 「Lee Eun Jo」, 「Im Na Young」 as 「Shim Hyun Ji」, and 「Kim Min Seo」 as 「Yu Ri Ah」.


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