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YourOnly.One Best 2022 New Year Celebrations

Which 2022 New Year Celebrations were the best?

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2021 was not a good year for most just as 2020 was before it. Despite that, hope is in the air as billions of people ushered in 2022 in a joyous way.

The joke for this new year is that 2022 sounds like 2020 too and that what happened in 2020 will happen again in 2022. But as Canadian comedian Rick Mercer said:

When I think of the past year or two, I can’t help but think of my poor uncle Saw. He had a boat with an outboard motor and he was always fussing with it but no matter what he did it would never start on the first or the second pull. It would sputter, it would putter but then go silent. But the third pull was always the charm. The third pull was glorious and that’s the way that I feel.

I feel that the last two years were the first two pulls of the decade and this year the engine will roar to life, we’ll take off, we won’t look back. Tonight is about playing with the choke and setting sail. We’re all in this together, we are connected.

Let’s say goodbye to this year as one, and all agree that the new decade starts right now.

Canada’s New Year’s Eve: Countdown to 2022, Rick Mercer

I agree. The new decade starts right now. Here are seven (7) of the best 2022 New Year Celebrations I found online.

Best 2022 New Year Celebration

Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

The best 2022 New Year celebration is Hyundai’s New Year’s Eve countdown in Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It was a very beautiful drone show with timely message of hope for everyone.

2022 New Year’s Eve Countdown in Yeongdong-daero (Seoul)

With an impressive drone light show, we celebrate the beginning of a new year. And while we all had to take a back one or two steps in the past months, we embrace everything to come. There are certain things to look forward to in 2022 - and with those positive thoughts in mind, we all should leap even higher. Time to take the next step for a tomorrow full of new dreams, greeting the new year, 2022. Because we believe in the better tomorrow. Happy New Year to all.

2022 New Year’s Eve Countdown in Yeongdong-daero (Seoul)by HyundaiWorldwide is licensed under All Rights Reserved.
Location: Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Next is the BBC’s production all over London, the capital of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It takes us back to the UK’s greatest achievements and takes us to various locations in London as fireworks all over fires in celebration bidding 2021 a farewell and welcoming the new year 2022.

Happy New Year Live! 🎆 London Fireworks 2022 🔴 BBC

Big Ben rings in the new year. New Year’s Eve 2022 | BBC

The work shown above is Copyrighted to BBC.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Easily dismissed as “the usual fireworks show from the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa” but Dubai sure knows how to outdo themselves.

New Year’s 2022: Dubai puts on dazzling fireworks, laser show at Burj Khalifa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates welcomed the new year with a mesmerizing display of fireworks from the world’s tallest building, the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The work shown above is Copyrighted to Global News.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The biggest and longest (15 minutes and 20 seconds) [pure] fireworks display, and the largest attendance to ring in 2022 goes to Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! They also earned the most heart-shaped firework display!

New Year’s 2022: Brazil’s Copacabana beach lights up with spectacular fireworks show

Brazil’s world-famous Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro had its night sky lit up for over 15 minutes with a spectacular fireworks show to welcome the New Year. The threat of COVID-19 did not deter Brazilians as they packed the beach and rang in 2022 in style.

The work shown above is Copyrighted to Global News.


What is a new year celebration without a music party? Canadian comedy icon, Rick Mercer, hosted Canada’s New Year’s Eve countdown in true Canadian way, featuring an hour long of musical performances from across the country.

Canada’s New Year’s Eve: Countdown to 2022 — Pacific Time

Join host and Canadian comedy icon Rick Mercer for a truly Canadian New Year’s Eve countdown featuring musical performances from celebrations all across Canada.

The work shown above is Copyrighted to CBC.

The Magic Kingdom, Florida, United States of America

If you are curious how the magical world of Disney celebrates New Year, watch the upgraded Fantasy In The Sky fireworks show in celebration of the 2022 New Year!

Updated Fantasy In The Sky Fireworks Debut at Magic Kingdom for New Year’s Eve 2022

An updated version of Fantasy In The Sky Fireworks makes its debut at the Magic Kingdom for New Year’s Eve 2022 at Walt Disney World.

The work shown above is Copyrighted to WDW News Today.

Nazareth, Israel

Sergio & Rhoda in Israel stayed in Nazareth during the New Year and recorded how the Christians, Arabs, and Jews of Nazareth celebrate the New Year.

Unbelievable Firework Display in Nazareth (2022 New Year’s)

Nazareth has outdone themselves with New Years celebrations this time. Hope you enjoy this and next time join us for this spectacle in person!

The work shown above is Copyrighted to Sergio & Rhoda in Isarel.

Special mentions

Reykjavik, Iceland - Best Drone Footage

The best drone footage goes to Traveller In The Whole World for the slow and smooth drone control covering the New Year celebration in Reykjavik, Iceland!

REYKJAVIK ON FIRE!! Reykjavik Iceland New Year’s Eve FIREWORKS, 4K Drone Footage

Happy New Year 2022! The most essential part of the festivities in Reykjavik is fireworks displays. Even though the city has no official fireworks, locals create the show themselves. At midnight, the capital of Iceland is lit with countless pyrotechnic shows. Magical New Year’s fireworks may be admired from any corner of Reykjavik. Yet, one of the most convenient locations to enjoy the sparkling beauties is from the depth of Faxaflói Bay.

The work shown above is Copyrighted to Traveller In The Whole World.

Auckland, New Zealand

The annual fireworks show in Auckland, New Zealand was cancelled due to COVID-19 but that did not stop them from organising an amazing light show, and drivers were honking too.

Auckland, New Zealand welcomes New Year with light show

New Zealand rang in the New Year with a toned-down light show over the Auckland Harbour Bridge after the traditional fireworks display was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. The sky tower lit up in various colours alongside the bridge, while the sky was illuminated with spotlights.

The work shown above is Copyrighted to Global News.

The Bund, Shanghai, China

Like in Auckland, New Zealand, there were no fireworks in The Bund, Shanghai, China. However, it did not stop people from visiting The Bund in the hopes of seeing any alternative celebration and in the absence of it, they just celebrated amongst themselves.

🎉 Countdown to 2022 on the Bund, Shanghai 🎉 Happy New Year! | 新年倒计时 上海外滩 新年快乐! | 4K HDR

新年快乐! Happy New Year!

The work shown above is Copyrighted to REC Shanghai.

Happy New Year 2022

Happy New Year 2022 from YourOnly.One!

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