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Updated bike lane maps and where to find them

Community-driven and frequently updated Bicycle Maps for the Philippines

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Are you from or is planning to visit the Philippines? The Philippines Department of Transportation (DOTr) recently asked Google to include bike lanes in Google Maps, which was a very good move as the country is learning to live with biking as a mode of transportation instead of only as a form of exercise and sports. But why wait when there are already existing and updated maps for bike lanes in the Philippines?

What is OpenStreetMap

OpenStreetMap, or OSM, is a very successful community-driven and updated geographic database of the world. Anyone can contribute to improve OSM and because of its open database nature, other projects can also use its geographical data to create specialized maps. One such is CyclOSM, a cycling/biking-oriented map.

What is CyclOSM?

CyclOSM is a bicycle-oriented map built on top of OpenStreetMap data. It aims at providing a beautiful and practical map for cyclists, no matter their cycling habits or abilities.1

In urban areas, it renders the main different types of cycle tracks and lanes, on each side of the road, for helping cyclists draw their bike to work routes. It also features essential POIs as well as bicycle parking spots or spots shared with motorbikes, specific infrastructure (like elevators and ramps), road speeds, or surfaces to avoid streets with pavings, bumpers, and bike boxes, etc.1

See the Legend or View Larger Map on CyclOSM


CyclOSM is available in these smartphone apps:

Bike Lanes via Google My Maps

Started by: Jesus Israel Jr.; View Larger Map

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